THE GENERAL – Alton 10K Obstacle Run

The General

Alton 10K Obstacle Run
5th February 2017

Alton 10K Obstacle Run

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Alton 10K Obstacle Run with Rifle

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The 5th of February 2017 sees The General return for his 5th Tour.

Alton – Brickiln Farm opens its gates to an array of terrain and natural obstacles.  Set in a the heart of Hampshire you will be running amongst ancient trees, motor cross track, bomb holes and as expected plenty of mud, water and a few of our man made challenges.

This is a perfect venue for those who want mud and a whole lot of fun.

The Challenge:
– 10K Obstacle Run
– 10K Obstacle Run Carrying Rifle

All finishers will receive medal, t-shirt and drink if competing.

Parking & Spectators are free.

Last years winners will be there to hold on to their No 1 spot!  Can you beat them……Tough Enough?

Registration starts at 09.00 and closes at 09.50.

Race Start Time
First Race wave starts at 10.00hrs.

We will be using Chip timing for our event. This will give you your time from the second you cross the line to the second you finish. The system is extremely accurate and it means that results can be posted on our website within 48hrs of the race. Your race chip will be collected on the race day as people may forget to bring them.

PLEASE attach the chip securely to your shoelaces or around your ankle. Please DO NOT attach it to your wrist – the mats will not pick up the transponder and you will not be recorded. The chips themselves are relatively expensive so we must get the chips back and we will collect the chips at the end of the race just after the finish line. Failure to do so will result in a charge of £10 by our service provider.

Water will be available once on the course and at the finish. Please bring your own water to drink prior to the start.

There will be no facilities for changing. Please do not go home in any wet clothing.
Please note, there are no showers.

You will get dirty and wet. Technical breathable fabrics are perfect for this event and are strongly recommended. Remember, cotton gets heavy when wet.  We do recommend wearing gloves and full-length leggings.

It’s your choice however a normal road running shoe will be suitable.

Although we cannot guarantee the security of your bags, there will be a manned baggage area for you to leave your bags. If you have travelled by car, it will be safer to leave your bags and valuables in your car boot.

First Aid
Medical support will be present on the course and at the finish. You should be relatively fit and have no known medical conditions.

Please note – do not run with a cold or flu. This can be extremely dangerous. Please seek expert medical advice if you have any queries.

Toilets are located in the Start and Finish area.

Hot Food and Drink
Hot drinks and treats will be available for purchase within the Start / Finish area.


– Your Number pinned to your top
– Your chip tied to your shoe
– A change of clothing
– Money for refreshments
– To eat a healthy meal and to avoid alcohol the night before the event
– To eat something light and drink plenty of water prior to the event
– To leave enough time to get there with plenty of time to spare
– To have fun!

1. White Cliffs Of Dover – Tyre Stack
2. Ambush – TOP SECRET
3. A Bridge To Far – Balance Beam
4. Paths Of Glory – Tyre in’s and outs
5. The Frogman – Water Holes
6. Hell Below – Barb wire Crawl
7. The Charge Of The Light Brigade – Under and overs
8. The Desert Rats – TOP SECRET
9. All Quiet On The Western Front – TOP SECRET
10. The Tanks Are Coming – Tank Crawl
11. Aces High – TOP SECRET
12. All The Kings Men – Hay Bail stacks

We will be adding a few others, which are just being finalised and will be kept ‘Top Secret’

*The obstacles are subject to change We have designed the course to be challenging for all levels. Last year we had all levels enter and with everyone crossed the finish line.


Take Part in our gruelling obstacle course while carrying the British Army’s weapon of choice, the SA80 rifle.

Well…we can’t give you a real working weapon so instead we’ll give you an object of length and weight of today’s SA80.

Weight:- Approx 5KG.